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Film & Media Studies at WashU

As our national and international cultures become increasingly dominated by visual culture, we acknowledge the need to study those forms, which provide our chief sources of entertainment and information.  This need speaks to our desire to become critical viewers, knowledgeable in the history of the most popular art forms of our century and possessing the analytical skills to understand and interpret visual forms of expression.

Students, who gain skills in writing and analysis, as they should in any rigorous course of study in the humanities, can work in many professions, such as journalism and publishing, business, law, medicine, social work, and teaching.  Film and media majors who seek careers in the entertainment and information industries will certainly gain an intellectual perspective on these forms that should enhance their professional lives.  But this major will also benefit any student looking at other possible professions because it shares the aim of a liberal arts curriculum to train students in rigorous analytical thinking and provide them with historical knowledge.

Although Film and Media Studies administrates its own curriculum, many of its courses are cross-listed with American Culture Studies, Art History, Comparative Literature, East Asian Studies, English, Germanic Languages and Literatures, History, Performing Arts and Women and Gender Studies.

Explore your creative side

Film and Media Studies offers several courses in screenwriting and video production that allow our students to fulfill their creative potential. Through exercises and pro-jects, students receive hands on instruction and professional evaluation of their work in a workshop environment. Past students have made their own music videos, public service announcements, and fictional and documentary shorts. Capstone experiences allow students to work on an even broader canvas creating their own 20 to 30 minute videos or writing a feature-length screenplay.

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The undergraduate major in film and media studies requires the rigorous study of history and aesthetics in an attempt to understand the creative force of an individual artwork, its relation to other artistic production, and its place in culture.

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Our program offers minors in Film & Media Studies and Global Film & Media Studies

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Film and Media Studies Major with Production Concentration

This new concentration in FMS became available to students as of Fall 2019. It provides those interested in production more opportunities to enhance their skills in and knowledge of aspects of moving image- creative production, as well as additional academic guidance and support.


Senior Honors

Senior Honors Thesis is a six unit, year long academic project available to seniors who are eligible for Latin Honors. As a six unit project, the Senior Honors Thesis is intended to be a conceptually challenging, intellectually rewarding, and labor intensive learning experience that deepens a student’s understanding and appreciation of study in the field.

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Overseas Studies in Film & Media

The Program in Film & Media Studies has specific expectations and requirements for any courses taken overseas that a student wishes to count toward the FMS major. Our goal is to be fair to all students and transparent in our processes, ones that are in line with the standard operating procedures of the Office for Overseas Programs.

FMS Overseas studies guidelines
Overseas Study

For more information contact: fms-dus@wustl.edu