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Senior Honors


The Senior Honors Thesis is intended to be a creatively and intellectually rewarding learning experience that deepens the student’s understanding of film and media. Possible projects to be undertaken as a Senior Honors Thesis include:

  • Short narrative film
  • Short documentary film
  • Screenplay
  • Video game
  • Podcast
  • Critical studies thesis
  • Videographic essay
  • Multimedia website

Eligible students should work with their faculty advisor to develop an appropriate and conceptually ambitious methodology based in the discipline of film and media studies. Collaborative projects that connect the student’s interests in film and media to those in other disciplines are strongly encouraged. As preparatory assignments leading up to the final project, students may prepare project descriptions, pre-production materials, outlines, bibliographies, and other materials-in-progress as appropriate.


Senior Honors Thesis is a six-unit, year-long academic project available to Film and Media Studies majors eligible for Latin Honors. Students must have achieved the requisite cumulative GPA as set by the College (3.65) and a 3.5 GPA in the major by the end of their sixth semester. If a student falls below either GPA during their seventh semester, they are no longer eligible to receive Latin Honors.

Students who propose a project for Senior Honors Thesis should have completed significant breadth of study in Film and Media Studies. They should also have taken all courses relevant to their proposed project, as determined by the Faculty Advisor.


Students interested in proposing a Senior Honors Thesis should find an appropriate Film and Media Studies faculty member to serve as advisor and prepare a two-page proposal describing their project. The proposal should clearly articulate how their project will deepen their understanding of film and media, as well as the goals they hope to achieve by undertaking this project. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain necessary feedback from their advisor prior to the completion of submitted application materials. Students may also be encouraged to recruit another advisor outside of Film and Media Studies to serve on their committee as pertinent to their subject area.

Proposals should be submitted to Faculty Advisors by March 31st of the student’s junior year. Candidates will receive notice of acceptance by the end of April.