Ki Chow

Ki Chow

PhD candidate in Chinese Language and Literature
McDonnell Academy Scholar
research interests:
  • Melodrama Studies
  • Affect Theory
  • Gender and Representation
  • Television Studies
  • Seriality Studies
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  • Washington University
    MSC 1111-107-115
    One Brooking Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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Ki Cora Chow  is a PhD candidate in the Chinese Language and Literature program.

Cora is an award-winning translator and holds a Master’s degree in East Asian Studies from the University of Texas at Austin.  Her research examines serialized melodramatic narratives in Mainland China and Hong Kong for investigating the dynamic relations between melodrama, cultural/ historical trauma, and the modern experience of time.  In her free time, Cora enjoys boardgames and watching movies.