Richard Chapman's documentary 'Dateline-Saigon' released by First Run Features.

The documentary “Dateline-Saigon” reconstructs the early rumblings of the Vietnam War — mainly from 1961 through 1964 — through the eyes of five print reporters who were on assignment in Saigon.

Lies, deception, and the dangerous search for truth.

Five young reporters take on a superpower — and who wins? Dateline-Saigon is the story of five young journalists whose courageous reporting during the early years of the Vietnam War in the face of fierce opposition — and worse — from government is uncannily relevant to challenges journalists face today. Narrated by Sam Waterston, Dateline-Saigon has all the drama and high stakes of All the President’s Men and the tragedy and romance of The Quiet American.

Richard Chapman discusses “Dateline-Saigon,” the dangers correspondents faced and lessons for contemporary reporters and readers in a recent Q & A. Read here

The film has been released for streaming on iTunes, Amazon Prime and other platforms.


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