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Former FMS student Adam Cohen ('15) has produced a new web series entitled Shifter

Adam Cohen ('15) took FMS 220: Introduction to Film and FMS 432: Global Art Cinema in his sophomore year, and graduated from WashU in May 2015. Since then, he has worked in commercial, TV, and virtual reality production, as a coordinator, first assistant director, and production manager. He has also written and directed his own work, and produced such projects as the new Shifter series. He hopes that the WashU film community will enjoy some of the work he's been up to lately, because he learned so much from others' work in FMS classes and through collaborations on the Danforth campus.

Shifter is a series about a female secret agent who has been genetically modified to alter her facial features into those of anyone she chooses, making her the perfect candidate to accept dangerous missions around the world. While she excels at first, she slowly descends into madness as her powers lead her to an identity crisis. The show focuses on specific cultures and current political climates in regions such as Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central Africa, and South America.

View the web series here: VIEW SERIES