CNN Producer Cynde Strand Visits The Storytelling Lab (Video Lecture)

This event marks the Storytelling Lab's first interdisciplinary collaboration. Cynde Strand's presentation, recorded below, provides an insider's look at how news stories are produced and aired. An effective news story, she explains, is all about "the detail," calculated risk, seeing beyond one's own perspective, and protecting one's team. Strand also imparts valuable career and life advice to students choosing various career paths in the industry.

The Storytelling Lab is a three-year research and creative cluster made possible by the College of Arts & Sciences Incubator for Transdisciplinary Futures. The Lab's central focus is effective storytelling—how effective stories are made and how our minds make sense of them. In its initial phase, this project brings together faculty, students, and external partners representing three target areas: behavioral and brain sciences, cultural studies and practice, and public health.