Graduate Certificate Requirements

Required courses for the Film and Media Studies Graduate Certificate:

Core Courses (9 credits):

  • Film 501    Advanced Moving Image Analysis and Criticism  3 credits
  • Film 421    Film Historiography 3 credits OR
  • Film 502    Seminar in History of Film and/or Electronic Media (rotating topics)  3 credits

One of the following theory courses is required as part of the core:   

  • L53 419 Theories of Mass Media  3 credits
  • L53 420 Film Theory  3 credits
  • L53 450 American Film Genres (genre theory)  3 credits
  • Any 400 or 500 level course in film or electronic media theory.

FMS Certificate students also have two electives (six units) that may be taken at the 400 or 500 level and developed in an advising plan subject to approval of the FMS advisor and of the Director of Graduate Studies of the student’s home unit:

Two Electives (6 credits):

  • Elective in Film & Media L53 400 level or higher  3 credits
  • Elective in Film & Media L53 400 level or higher  3 credits

ELECTIVE:  Courses originating in FMS or crosslisted with FMS, or offered in another unit and approved by the student’s FMS advisor.

A student may choose to take one Independent Study of three credits (L53 500) with an FMS faculty member as an elective.  This study should relate to a specialized topic mutually agreed upon by the student, his/her FMS study advisor and the Chair of the Graduate Certificate Program.  Although students are expected to benefit from elective courses offered by Film & Media Studies core and affiliated faculty, they may take other, film-related courses as may be offered by other departments and by faculty not affiliated with FMS.  To be included in the graduate certificate coursework, classes that fall within this category require approval by the student’s advisor in Film & Media Studies and her their home unit Director of Graduate Studies.