Hymns for the Fallen Combat Movie Music and Sound after Vietnam

Todd Decker

Hymns for the Fallen listens closely to forty years of Hollywood combat films produced after Vietnam. Ever a noisy genre, post-Vietnam war films have deployed music and sound to place the audience in the midst of battle and to stimulate reflection on the experience of combat. Considering landmark movies—such as Apocalypse NowSaving Private RyanThe Thin Red LineBlack Hawk DownThe Hurt Locker, and American Sniper—as well as lesser-known films, Todd Decker shows how the domain of sound, an experientially rich and culturally resonant aspect of the cinema, not only invokes the realities of war, but also shapes the American audience’s engagement with soldiers and veterans as flesh-and-blood representatives of the nation. Hymns for the Fallen explores all three elements of film sound—dialogue, sound effects, music—and considers how expressive and formal choices on the soundtrack have turned the serious war film into a patriotic ritual enacted in the commercial space of the cinema.

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