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Film & Media Studies

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(In)Visible Media: Connection and Crisis in Contemporary Japan

Film And Media Studies 479 - Fall 2021

This course examines how emerging media forms and technologies have been implicated in social transformation in Japan from Expo '70 to today. In particular, we will examine how the proliferation of information technologies and data infrastructure (i.e. computers and networks) has shaped ideas about connection and disconnection in contemporary Japan, expanded ways of thinking about television and cinema, and resulted in new concepts of identity and subjectivity. As a core component of this exploration, we will watch films that deal with virtual media and their impact on social relations. Our readings include approaches from anthropology, film/media studies, urban studies, women's studies, and science and technology studies. For graduate students and advanced undergraduates, with the permission of the instructor (no other prerequisites). In addition to class meetings and course readings, this course requires film screenings (7 total) at a designated screening time. Counts as an FMS national cinemas elective requirement.. Required Screenings: Mondays @ 4pm
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(In)Visible Media: Connection and Crisis in Contemporary Japan
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