Claire Ross

Claire Ross

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
PhD, Washington University in St. Louis
research interests:
  • Migration and Minority Discourses
  • Scriptural Intertextuality (Bible, Quran)
  • German-language Graphic Novels
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    • Washington University
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    Dr. Ross’s research and teaching interests are in migration and minority discourses, scriptural intertextuality (Bible, Quran), and German-language graphic novels.

    She earned her doctorate in Germanic Languages and Literatures with a graduate certificate in Film & Media Studies in 2019. Ross’s dissertation dealt with intertextual links to popular music, Western canonical literature, and Classical Hollywood cinema in the work of Turkish German author Yadé Kara. Research for her dissertation, which was conducted partly at the University of Hamburg, Germany, was supported by a DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) grant and a Cecilia Hospes grant. Ross has taught in both the German department and the Film and Media Studies program. Before coming to the US, Ross studied at the University of Edinburgh, where she earned a master of arts degree in German (with a minor in Swedish) and a master of science in Cultural Studies.

    Spring 2020 Courses

    Basic German: Core Course II (German 102D)

    Continuation of German 101D. In preparation for more advanced academic study in German, this second course will further introduce students to fundamental German grammar, culture and history. It is comprised of a combination of situational lessons and tasks which will challenge their critical thinking abilities. Students in 102 will familiarize themselves with the language necessary to understand and give directions, apply for a job, and speak with a doctor; students will also read more advanced content such as Grimm's fairy tales and a text from Franz Kafka. Prerequisite: German 101D, the equivalent, or

      Topics in German Studies: Creative Writing? In German? Geht klar! (German 4105)

      There is no better way to boost your skills in German than to use the language in inventive and expressive ways. This seminar is designed for undergraduate students interested in writing creatively in German and exploring the process of translation. Participants will read and discuss poems, short prose, and essays; present their own creative projects; and hone their skills as writers, translators, and readers. Reading assignments will give students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of Germanic cultures and literatures, while writing assignments will encourage them to learn new ways to express themselves in German. Translation exercises will help students learn to recognize nuances of meaning and style. At the conclusion of the course, students will have the choice to present either a polished work of translation into or from German or a piece of original writing in German. No previous experience in creative writing expected or required. Discussion and readings in German, writing assignments in English and German. Prerequisite: successful completion of German 302D or permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.