Chang-min Yu

Chang-Min Yu

Lecturer in Film and Media Studies
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    Lecturer Chang-Min Yu received his PhD in Film Studies from the University of Iowa in 2019.

    He is currently working on two projects. The first, Corporeal Modernism: Transnational Body Cinema Since 1968, considers the body as a medium—not as mere representation in cinema—to examine the relationship between the bodies on screen and before the screen. The second, tentatively entitled Envisioning Digital Genres: American Screen Culture in the 21st Century, tackles the relationship between the digital revolution in cinema and the emergent genres of screen capture films, Turing fictions, and superhero narratives. His articles have appeared in Film Criticism, Quarterly Review of Film and Video, NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies, The Cine-Files and the edited collection Beyond Imperial Aesthetics (2019, HKU). He has also translated the works of André Bazin, Jean-François Lyotard, and Christian Metz into Chinese. His research interests lie in corporeal cinema, figural studies, sci-fi cinema, and contemporary Hollywood blockbusters.